James Tatum

James has been playing trombone longer than he cares to admit. We keep trying to get an official date, but his memory seems foggy, probably from too many year of trombone playing. The Continentals currently permit James to play lead trombone after he showed up to a rehearsal one day. In addition to playing the trombone, he occasionally plays it in tune. This is most likely due to the ability of the trombone (aka "world's longest tuning slide") to slide into the correct placement. He claims these moments are intentional.

James currently teaches trombone, trumpet and horn at his home in Raleigh, NC.

Dick Sloan

Richard “Dick” Sloane starting playing trombone in 4th grade, and raised in the Rochester NY area. He was strongly influenced by the techniques taught by area music teachers from the Eastman School of Music, who used the techniques of the late Emery Remington.After performing in the Tournament of Roses Parade in 1969 (during his extended honeymoon!), he ceased playing for nearly 10 years.After moving to North Carolina, he met musicians who were fans of Dixieland jazz, and with them, started the Fidgety Feet Dixieland band which was active in the Triangle Region for nearly 25 years. After several key members passed away, the band was reformulated as the Decatur Street Beat Dixieland Band which remains very active in this region. He served as a substitute player with the Continentals starting the 1990’s, and has been a full-time member since 2013.

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